Rowdy Warren Bio


 ‘I first knew I was fascinated with drawing and art when I was about 3 or 4 and mum gave me my first pencil. It was like finding the key to a whole new world.’ R. Warren.

Rowdy is as Rowdy does – he is unto himself and creates art and vision like none other. His influences are varied but always true, strong and derivative of his vision and soulfulness.

Rowdy (Grant) Warren was born and raised in South Australia – calling Adelaide home since the 1970’s. He was an interesting and interested child, always imagining ‘what if…’ Conventional schooling was not a good match for Rowdy’s original and spirited imagination and he found he was better challenged outside of its restrictions.

He first came to be noticed around Adelaide as a member of a punk band and to promote their own gigs he began to design the band’s logos and posters. He discovered he had a real love of creating a visual statement and began then to design logos for others.

Soon after Rowdy established his own street-wear brand and was totally immersed in a world of creativity, presentation, design and expression. The brand is still commercially available, though not as part of Rowdy’s portfolio.

His creative energies were vibrant, thirsty and always wanting more. He yearned to know more. His desires would soon be satisfied when he met a group of indigenous artists from whom he both drew inspiration and skills, and imparted contemporary skills. This was a great time of development and spiritual/artistic awakening for Rowdy as he seemed to see the mesmerising Australian landscape for the first time.