About Us

Murphy Art offers a complete solution for artists to create while bringing their stories and imagery to the world using the right vehicles to distribute and monetise their art and brand.

Where there are no obvious vehicles or market places such as a gallery network, ASG seeks to create bridges between artists and commercial opportunities and community collaborations.

By representing artists and their brands ASG builds a large network of artists across multiple mediums.

These artists may be seeking to have their work taken to market, they may be looking to licence their art for products they may even be looking to work with other artists. The Artisol Group can cater to all of these options. The main arm of the business however is to pair artists with large-scale projects to get art out to a wider audience.

Murphy Art will be a one stop shop for property developers, architects, interior designers and the like. By presenting the Artisol Group with a brief, outlining the budget and the aim for working together the Artisol group is then able to source the required artist and arrange all required documentation and support to facilitate the use of the artist in an easy and seamless way. Furthermore, the Artistic Solutions Group group has a large network of technicians that can also be engaged to install, fit and display any works or art supplied.