William King Bio

“… I am Jungala of the Gurindji tribe.” William King.      Born on the 12th August 1966 in Katherine, William King – skin name Jungala of the Gurindji tribe, derived his inspiration from the Katherine region in the Northern Territory of Australia. All of his artistic senses were awakened with creative energies alive with portent and passion.

From the long walks, stories, images and instincts his narrative emerged.

At 18, William moved to Adelaide where he completed a carpentry apprenticeship for South Australian Sports and Recreation. However, the call of the creative artist was too strong to resist and he began painting full-time from 1994 when his work was chosen for exhibition in Canada.

Earth, air, wind, fire and water dominated his work and he soon found himself gaining in artistic reputation and renown, with galleries and buyers worldwide, expressing great interest in his work.

In 1986 William’s first daughter, Tarisse was born. In 1988 younger daughter Sarrita was born. Both daughters inherited William’s extraordinary artistic vision and skill and have become prominent artists in their own right.

His expansive though inclusive philosophy of the ‘endless horizons’ meant that he was never without subject matter and the depth and intensity of his now legendary artwork still astonish and astound.

 ‘I demand evolution of myself and that to me is letting all my senses taste my environment completely, not necessarily intellectually breaking it down.’ (William King)