Sally Gibbs Bio


Sally Gibbs has a successful history of producing outstanding artwork for both the corporate and domestic arena. Her role as a practising artist has translated into an expertise in realising artistic and design solutions. With a practise across the corporate, entertainment and domestic sector, Sally has achieved unparalleled creative solutions.

Artistic Background

An inextricable link with the outback, forged from my rural background, has given me a passionate concern for environmental issues.My background in fashion design has given me a strong love of complex layering of visual texture and colour. My work investigates the juxtaposition of the fragility of our physical environment and man’s potential to destroy or retain its existence. Through a series of complex layering, each large scale series provides a visual metaphor for the beauty and decay of our earth and therefore of ourselves. Base metal elements, representing earth’s core, are selected as supports.  These are painted with multiple fine layers of paint and watermarking creating earths ‘base’ Finely drawn images of organic life matter printed with metallic paints on these painted supports indicate the fragility and vulnerability of the environment while overlays of bitumen and metal refer to the terror and sometimes inadvertent beauty of industrial pollution inflicted by man. A dialectic of showing and concealing glimpses of fine representations of natural forms and heavy flux over- pouring sets up a dialogue between creation and destruction, hope and despair, ancient and contemporary, life and death, viewer and participant.